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December 10, 2009
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Attack on Pearl Harbour

The US military makes a valuable discovery for anyone with heavy computing needs:

With respect to cell processors…the approximately tenfold cost difference per GFLOP makes the Sony PS3 the only viable technology for HPC applications. Sony is the only firm capable of manufacturing the brand of required hardware without the Government experiencing substantial duplication of cost that would not be recoverable through competition among providers of alternative technology.

Sixty-eight years after the “date that will live in infamy”, the best source of high-performance computing equipment the US military can find is a Japanese multinational. The hardware is so cheap, powerful, and thus useful to the military because it is subsidized by the sales of games such as Call Of Duty, which allows players to interactively replay World War II in near-photorealistic detail. If only it wasn’t for the death and the killing and the maiming (and the lack of physical fitness) they could cut out the middlemen and get gamers to pay to fight real wars.

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