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Live Review: Surf City @ Wunderbar, 6/12/09

December 14, 2009

Surf City, The Wundebar, Lyttleton, 6/12/09

The intricate and studied Surfing USSR were a band that was fun but not exactly high-energy. Surf City didn’t have much of the Authentic Surfer Sound but they were a pure sono-energetic high.

Opening act Bits and Pieces kicked things off with a very raw but well-performed blast of punkish power. Unlike many young-looking rock bands these guys know that it’s better to make a song short, sweet, and to the point. Sound-wise they were a pretty interesting contrast to Surf City, as they were loud, energetic and rocked hard but with a fair bit of harshness. Quick jabs to the ear drums. Surf City were very loud, rocked hard, and their songs seemed endless (I certainly wanted them to be), an endless swell of guitars and bass and drums with vocals sometimes floating on top, sometimes blending in to the noise.

After a couple of songs I was in the mood for some dancing so I hit the floor with my nice girl and for however long the gig went time was suspended in an ocean of bliss. I can’t say I really listened to the songs in any detail or even noticed how many they played, all I remember is the wall of very loud, very energizing, totally wonderful noise. And that I rolled up my sleeves and was mopping sweat from my brow and loving every second. So yeah, this review is probably a bit useless if you want technical details. But practically speaking, if Surf City ever comes and plays near you just go so that you can drown in the sea of timeless joy they are able to summon.

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