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Michael Laws Strikes Again

October 25, 2010

A certain blogger once wrote of a piece by US dullard columnist Jonah Goldberg “this is the stupidest thing ever written, and will remain so until he writes something else.” I was reminded of this punishing summary by a paragraph which Michael Laws delivered today:

That does not mean that te reo is not worthy of encouragement and support. It is unique to New Zealand and some of its phrases and concepts are as much part of Kiwi culture as pavlova or the All Blacks. That said, it is by no means as integrated into the national identity as the bilingual or multilingual communities of a Canada or a South Africa.

Yes, Canada with their not-at-all messy Quebecois politics which avoids the need to impose all kinds of “PC nonsense” laws requiring French use. I assume Laws didn’t even think about the native cultures of Canada and their dying languages which are a more appropriate comparison to Te Reo than the relatively healthy French-Canadian situation.

South Africa is another good example, with their well-integrated races all living in perfect harmony, free from constitutional requirements such as

Recognising the historically diminished use and status of the indigenous languages of our people, the state must take practical and positive measures to elevate the status and advance the use of these languages.

But I guess since Maori kids just wish they were African American rappers and their parents can’t earn money from Maori language skills there’s no reason to worry, since Pakeha will preserve the bits that make “us” “Real New Zealanders”. Serious question: What, other than Maori culture, really makes New Zealanders anything more than Australians who support different sporting franchises?

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