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A Real Job

February 19, 2011

for Scott Gerber

It isn’t a lever-pulling factory job
Like scruffy 50’s kids got
After scraping through high school.

Working up to line manager
Before comfortably retiring to a modest wife-box
Lined with floral wallpaper.
Those jobs only exist in the movies.

Public servants don’t have real jobs
They’re butlers for the bureaucrats!
“This House resolves
that a drop of brandy would be nice”

A job you love isn’t a real job
It’s more like a hobby
Only you managed to trick someone
Into believing you wouldn’t do it
For nothing.

A real job is 9-5 in a warehouse
Making ends meet
By tearing covers from remaindered copies
Of “How To Get Ahead of Everyone Else”

The sales pitch didn’t trick anyone
But “The 12 Secrets to Success!”
Are safe forever.

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